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Kimberly Jones: A Motivational Author and Educational Author and Educator

Kimberly Jones A Motivational Author and Educator



Kimberly Jones has worked for the Lawton Public Schools since 1997. She is a high school science department chair and currently teaches ACT Prep Class, Anatomy, Biology, and Forensic Science. She is the founder of several communities programs such as Attire to Aspire, Red Tulip Project and Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. She is the founder of “Scores and Doors”, as well as co-founder of the program “A Step Beyond the Tassel”. She has been the recipient of several community and educational awards

She has appeared in several local and state magazine articles. She was featured in the international magazine Guidepost: “The Angelic Teacher Who Changed Her Life”. She has conducted Equal Opportunity workshops with her book: Places, Faces, and Races for the military, schools, and civic organizations. She is the author of books Out of Season; A Preacher’s Secret,    Places, Faces and Races,    and Wealthy Blacks before the Emancipation of 1865.  Ms. Jones has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science and a Master of Science Degree in Educational Leadership from Cameron University. She is the mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother of eight grandchildren.